KnowledgeBiz Consulting

Knowledgebiz (KB) is a Portuguese innovation and information systems consultancy company. Knowledgebiz is a spin-off company from Neobiz Consulting and with a close tie with Faculdade de Ciências e Tecnologia da UNL. The company’s main mission is to deliver innovative information systems design and implementation. It specializes in developing strategies for interoperability and information integration using standards and establishing new standards (CEN), standards’ reuse and harmonization; intelligent mapping, meta-modelling, open platforms, architectures and toolkits to support and speed-up the implementation and adoption of local and web-based Electronic Data Interchange using and integrating standards and “de facto” standards, like UN/EDIFACT, ISO/STEP, XML, IDL, etc. Knowledgebiz has also being active on technology enhanced learning and adaptive training for the development of companies’ internal Competencies. Knowledgebiz is amongst the pioneers in Portugal on addressing business interoperability in disparate economic sectors such as the paper sector, or the architectural, engineering and construction sector (AEC). As a spin-off of Neobiz Consulting – a company focused on Public Administration Management consultancy and training – Knowledgebiz has significant linkages to the Portuguese Public Administration, as an ICT strategist and Architectures Consultant on e-Government. Knowledgebiz CEO has also been involved over the last 4 years in Entrepreneurial events and actions, in close linkage with academia Entrepreneurship courses, from which 3 startups has emerged.



AITEX is a private non-profit association that encompasses textile and related companies. Its ultimate aim is to make this sector more competitive. To achieve this, the Institute promotes modernization and the introduction of new and emerging technologies and, in general, any initiatives that will contribute to the industrial progress of the sector. The work carried out by the Institute is closely linked to the sector’s industries, either through the advanced technical services offered by the Institute (consultancy, market, certification, quality control, training, etc.), the confidential research projects developed at the request of different companies or the projects financed by public funding, in which case the results benefit the sector as a whole. Some current figures are that AITEX has around 1.100 associated companies, more than 3.000 clients, 200 staff and 9 delegations around the world (North and South America, China, Pakistan, Lithuania and India) apart from the headquarters in Spain. Our RTD personnel are structured in 6 research groups: 1-Nanotechnology and Technical fibres, 2-Materials and sustainability, 3-Biotechnology, 4-Technical finishes, Health and Environment, 5-Innovation in Fashion and Design and 6- ICTs (including Intelligent and multifunctional textiles). Its main research lines in Smart Textiles include thermal comfort, functional and intelligent textiles for home and automotive textiles, tele-medicine applied for the textile sector, electro active polymers, actuator and conductive yarns, integration in textile of standard devices applied in e-Health in order to control physiological parameters; respiration, heart rate, etc. AITEX has been participating in many EC, national and regional initiatives, supporting the Spanish textile companies in the development of a growing number of funded projects and is involved in the European Technology Platform on the future of textiles and clothing leading the TG6- “Smart Textiles and Garments”. Internationally, the Institute participates in the European research system through coordination and participation of transnational projects within programs such as the 7th Framework Programme, Eureka, Life, Leonardo, EIE, Interreg or AAL.


Nurogames GmbH

Nurogames GmbH, Cologne/Germany is an independent games development company, founded in early 2006 by practised experts of the games and media industry. Next to our head office in Cologne we maintain representative offices in Barcelona and Berlin. Since April 2011, the Berlin-based lbxgames GmbH and lieblinx GmbH are a part of the company and form a strong strategic alliance. Nurogames covers a wide range of work experience, comprising high-skill development for mobile and cross-platform games, leisure applications being our main field of activity. Another focus of the company is placed on the development of games for Xbox 360 (Kinect), Playstation 3, Playstation Vita, Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo DS and Nintendo Wii. Furthermore, we develop mobile games / applications and social games. The mobile division is specializing in the development, production and marketing of mobile applications for iOS and Android Smartphone and Tablet as well as contents, ranging from innovative applications like games, active screens, instant messaging etc. to pod-cast solutions. Currently developments have been ordered for iPhone/iPad touch platforms and Android applications as application for other application stores as well (Windows Marketplace, Mac App Store, etc.). Further working fields include the development of web-based e-learning games and game based e learning evolutions as well as the realization of online and browser games for an international market. By participating in multiple research projects on a national and international level, Nurogames ensure the long-term orientation and the knowledge of state-of-the art technologies. The Team of Nurogames has got many years of experience in research projects of the BMBF and the European Union. They include such projects as SmartGaming, Gerigames, SeaClouds, SpITKom, SPIELBAR, MMOBG Development MEDIA.


Ghent University

Ghent University is a large university in Belgium with 3 key tasks: research, education and service. Ghent University’s 11 faculties are composed of more than 120 faculty departments. The university occupies the 85th position in the Times Higher Education World University Ranking. The university has participated in more than 200 research projects in the EU’s 6th Framework Programme and in 259 projects in the 7th Framework Programme. The university is one of the fastest growing European universities in terms of research capacity and productivity, and its commitment to European research excellence is reflected by the recent extension of the ‘European Office’ in its Research Office. The research group “Physical activity and health” is one of the 5 research groups of the Department of Movement and Sport Sciences, within the faculty of Medicine and Health sciences. The research group is one of the leading groups internationally on physical activity related research which is also reflected in the participation in 8 finalized and 4 ongoing European projects and 2 US funded NIH projects. The research program of the group has its main focus on health promotion and behavioural change with special attention to nutrition, physical activity and sedentary behaviour. Based on the planning model of health promotion and behavioural change, studies are executed on (1) monitoring, measurement of nutrition, physical activity and sedentary behaviour, including validity and reliability; (2) psycho-social and environmental determinants of these behaviours; (3) development of interventions for children, adolescents and adults, including computer-tailored intervention programs; (4) effect and process evaluation studies; (5) dissemination activities; and (6) cost-effectiveness of health promotion interventions.