Mobile Health Symposium at the Amsterdam Center for Health Communication

Low levels of physical activity and fitness, and a high level of sedentary behaviour are risk behaviours for adolescents’ health. Exergames are applied in health promotion, but currently do not reach the possible potential. Exergames that require lower body movement show more effects on physical activity. Therefore, the project chose a mobile exergame to promote full body movement. The SmartLife project currently develops a location-based mobile exergame, in which the intensity of the game activities will be directed by biofeedback of a smart shirt. This project aims to reach more physical activity and effectiveness of the game. This presentation addressed how the mobile exergame will be developed within a participatory approach with adolescents.

A presentation of SmartLife was done at the Mobile Health Symposium at the Amsterdam Center for Health Communication (ACHC) in Amsterdam on the 18th of April.

During the event there were discussions about mobile health apps, the effectiveness, technology, personalization in apps, privacy and ethics.