SmartLife and ICT4Life collaboration

SmartLife has stablished a collaboration framework with ICT4Life project especially in terms of physical activity monitoring and gamification systems. The objective of this cooperation is to exchange experiences and knownledge about these topics, to reach better results in both projects.

ICT4Life is a three-year project financed under Horizon2020 that kicked off in January 2016 with the aim of finding solutions to promote self-care and integrated care while using innovative technologies. These solutions flow into the ICT4Life platform, connecting patients affected by Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and other dementias, families, health professionals and care-givers through user-friendly tools. ICT4Life approach is based on scientific research on end-users as a basis for offering personalised models of care.

ICT4Life platform is composed of technologies aimed at monitoring the patients in real-time to detect abnormal behaviors and to call for early intervention. The detection is based on the use of several sensors, that gather simultaneous and synchronised data, including information on the health status of the patients.

ICT4Life platform provides interactive services facilitating patient empowerment, supporting care-givers and establishing cooperation channels with professionals for integrated care.

The development of the services is supported by the implementation of iterative testing with end-users. The third round of tests will take place from October to December 2017 and will further refine the platform according to end-users’ needs in view of the pilots. These will take place starting from February 2018 in France, Hungary and Spain.

At this stage of the project, efforts are focused on ensuring the sustainability of ICT4Life results in the long-term by strengthening communities of end-users identified during the first phase of the project; working on exploitation strategy and building collaborations with further EU initiatives coherent with ICT4Life scope.

This initiative brings together nine partners representing academia, industry and users’ groups, all committed in improving patients’ lives and advancing Europe’s leadership role in personalised services for integrated care.

For more information about the project, please visit ICT4Life website or contact the project’s coordinator Mr. Alejandro Sánchez-Rico de las Heras sending an email to the address

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